Steel frame modualr modern design prefabricated house .

Residential housing takes many architectural forms. The versatility of Cold Formed Steel makes it ideal for construction of simple and challenging designs. No matter the huge villa or the tiny house , the prefebricated steel structure can make reduce  the house building construction period . Light framing construction is faster than traditional methods, especially during manufacture and construction phases of a project.

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Light steel framing prefabricated house introduction . 1. It's faster The LGS system supply frames pre-assembled, strong and straight, and clearly identifiable. No on-site, welding or cutting is normally required. This means that the erection process is fast and simple. Shorter construction times result in reduced hard costs of your projects. 2. It;s easier to build .  Highly-skilled labor on-site is not needed. We use professional sofewar to make the design ,  pre-engineered steel framing is cut to specified lengths, labelled and pre-dimpled, making assembly simple, fast and accurate. And the only tool needed for assembly is a power drill and provided screws and fasteners. Due to its ease of assembly, less skilled labor is needed on-site, which has obvious bottom-line benefits. 3.It’s versatile. The strength and ductility of light gauge or cold formed steel makes it an ideal building material for all building types — from modular and pre-fabricated units, to multi-story hotels, hospitals, schools as well as stand alone multi-story housing. LGS is suited to almost any type of building design or application and and with one of the highest strength-to-weight ratios of all construction materials, it is possible to produce architectural designs not possible with traditional methods.   Building materials to set up the LGS house . 001 微信图片_20210716151514 微信图片_20210716151501

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